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34 December 2021
33 September 2021 The Greater Cambridge Local Plan; Dementia Friends Training; Flu Campaign; New Pastor Histon Baptist Church; Old Infant School Playing Field; Village Society Capture Memories; Histon Library Update; HI Friends Pull Out; HI Hub Pull Out; Green Canopy; Open Eco Homes Tours; Histon Handmade; Community Gritters; The Big Rec Survey; Histon Cricket Club; Histon Hornets
32 June 2021
31 December 2020
COVID Special May 2020 We are Here For You!; Food Parcels; Getting Around; Want a Chat?; Are you Shielding?; Scams; How You Can Help; The ‘New Normal’; Car Care; Shops & Businesses; Don’t Delay Seeking Medical Treatment; Keeping in Touch
30 March 2020 The Wait is Over; School Hill Histon Redevelopment; Covid19/Update from Firs House; Easter Church Services; Three Free Trees Project; WW1 Commemorative Planting; Homefield Park, Before and After; Hi Hub; Opportunity Playgroup; New Website benefits locals with Type 2 Diabetes; Gardeners Word; Histon & Impington Garden Club; Police News; Charity Cycle Ride; Histon & Impington Archaeology Group; Music Diary; Charity Bingo Night; Community Activities and Events HI Hub; Histon & Impington Youth Noticeboard; Ever though about Playing Bowls; Histon & Impintgon WI; Commmunity Table Tennis; Histon & Impington Community News & Events; Covid 19 Coronavirus; Dates for The Diary
29 December 2019 Eco Fun Fest; Fireworks Extravaganza, New Vice Chair; New Councillors, Christmas in The Villages, Archaeology Group (HIAG), Another Planter Installed, Events at Histon Library, Station Road Garage On The Move, Community Car Scheme, The Library Presents, Christmas Recycling, Village Society Spring 2020 Programme, Recycle your Christmas Tree, Carols on The Green, Diabetes Support Group, Police News, Histon & Impington Gardening Club, Histon & Impington WI, Music Dates, Burdett House on behalf of the Residents, 600 Years On!, Community Orchard Wassail, Young People’s Noticeboard, 2019 Tennis Club Report, Bonfire Burn 2019, Congratulations Friends of The Rec, Dates for your Diary, Council and Committee Meetings
28 September 2019 HM The Queen attends NIAB Centenary, HI Hub, Councillor & Staff News, Highways News, Feast Highlights 2019, Fireworks Extravaganza, Arts Events Autumn at Histon Library, Apple Juicing at the Community Orchard, My Guide Volunteers Needed, Hear Ye. Hear Ye. What’s New?, Village Society Autumn Programme 2019, Cambridge Ten Sing, Histon & Impington Gardening Club, Feast Week 2019, Lily’s hair cut raised £700 for local trees, HI Trees Action Group, Music Notes, Choral Evensong at St Andrew’s Histon, Histon Handmade, Histon & Impington WI, Living with Type 2 Diabetes, HI Street Shop, School Hill, Swishing is coming to Histon!, High Street Changes, Thank you for Recycling Right, Gardener’s Word, Beat Car Thieves and Crooks, Archaeology Group (HIAG), Two Become One! Merger of HICOM and Friends of The Rec, Histon Worry Tree Cafe, Bonfire Burn, Quiz Night, Young People’s Noticeboard, Our Defibrillators, Strawberry 50 Highlights, All Stars, Dates for your Diary
27 June 2019 Histon & Impington Feast, Crossroads Works Update, Angela Young is Retiring, New Chair & Vice Chair, The Hub, Chairman’s Annual Report 2019, Parish Council Accounts 18-19, Muddy Stiletto Local Awards, Trevor Silk, Village Society, Histon & Impington Great ‘Jelly-Off’, Wellbeing Mile, New Councillor Yvonne Murray, Gardener’s Word, Police News, Local Policing, Rose & Crown Gin Festival, Birds Rings in Histon & Impington, Young People’s Noticeboard, Wellbeing Week, Our Village Crammed with Art, Josephine Teague, Strawberry IVC, Type 2 Diabetes, Celebrating our Green Spaces, Feast Heritage Walk, Orchard Road Community Garden, HIAG, Red Lion Beer Festival, The Impingtones, A Rose Grower’s Tale, Histon & Impington Open Gardens, Dates for Diary
26 March 2019 B1049/The Green Junction – Change Coming; The Hub takes shape, Alan John Eade, Another Successful Bid for Highways Committee, Just a note to say, HI People, Who’d have imagined?, Village Greenery, HIAG, Easter Services, Gardener’s Word, Police News, Council Surgery, Public Art News, Young People’s Noticeboard, HI Wellbeing Week, Histon & Impington Village Society Celebrate 40th Anniversary, Village Society Programme, It’s hard work this consultation business!, WW1 Veteran Poppy Sponsorship, 30 Minutes with The Clerk, Angela Young, HI Sustainability, Apprenticeship Opportunity, 8 newly recruited Young Dementia Friends, H&I leads the first village pilot to improve recycling rates, H&I Diabetes Support Group, Histon Bowls Club, A14 Update, Quilt & Flower Festival, George Northfield 1922-1983, View down your High Street, Music Dates, Camtrust, Dates for your Diary
25 December 2018 Fireworks Extravaganza, Highways News, Neighbourhood Plan Consultation, Church Services, WW1 Commemoration Projects, We Will Remember Them, Infant School Commemorates  Armistice Day, WW1 Remembrance Activities, New Outdoor Table Tennis, Jean Newman Retirement, Five Years?Surely Note? A profile of The Geographer, Bonfire Burn, Histon Library Christmas Book Trail, Glue for the Community, Development Proposals on Milton Road, Whats on The British Legion, Burdett House Hosts Local History Talk, Firs House Extended Access, Carols on The Green, Christmas Tree Chipping, StandUP, Seeing Double?, 96% say YES!, Young People’s Noticeboard, Music Diary, Christmas Recycling, Histon & Impington WI, Village Society, Dates for Your Diary
24 September 2018 Neighbourhood Plan, End of World War One Centennial Commemorations; Our Bus service to Ely, Council Surgery Dates, Bonfire Burn, Ofo Update, Histon & Impington Fireworks Extravaganza. Design a Jelly Workshop, HIAG Coin Find in Histon, Village Adoption Scheme, A14: The beat goes on, Overgrown Vegetation, IVC New Curriculum, Feast Highlights 2018, Village Society, Communication ‘Hub’, Rec News, Gardener’s Word, HICOP Juicing, Mental Wellbeing Project, Strength and Balance Class, Village, Scouts Swim for Mental Wellbeing Project, Histon Handmade, Use of Footpaths, Young Peoples Noticeboard, HICOM Newsroom, Make a Will Month, Music Diary, Diabetes Support Group, Highways News, Dates for your Diary, Council & Committee Meetings
23 June 2018 Feast Week 2018, Feast Beneficiaries, A14 Widening, New Councillors, District Councillor News, Farewell to …, Dennis Sadler, Histon Library Easter Trail, Mad Hatters Tea Party, Histon & Impington WI, Just a note to say, Yellow Bikes from OFO, High Streey & Beyond, Village Society, Police News, Strawberry 50 Update, Chairs Annual Report, Parish Council Accounts, Chair and Vice-Chair, Echoes from the Somme, Making Wildlife Count, A profile of Buckingham & Stanley, Gardener’s Word, Hope Again Bereavement, Strictly Daylilies, Histon & Impington Town Charity, Appreciation from Narrow Lane .., First Time Outside London, Planning News, Royal Connection, New Mental Wellbeing Worker, Bird in Hand Breakfast, Young Peoples Noticeboard, News from the Morris Education Trust, Highway News, Dates for your Diary, Council & Committee meetings
22 March 2018 Elections – Stand Up and Be Counted; Village of The Year, Anglia Fireplaces & Design, Recreation Ground News, Welcome to The High Street, Cambridge 100/50/35 Bike Ride, Village Society Programme March – June 2018, Mike Petty’s Histon and Impington Newspaper Scrapbook 1880-1990, Calling Dog Walkers, Police News, Reporting Non-Emergencies online, The Big Tidy Up Events, Want to know about allergies, Mobile Warden Scheme, High Street and Beyond, From HI Village to the High Seas, How Did Our Birds Fare in 2017, Gardener’s Word, Duck Signs on The Green, End of World War One Commemorations, Annual Parish Meetings, Exciting New Happenings in Homefield Park, Histon & Impington Gardening Club, Notice Board News, Community Transport, Friends of The Rec Events and New Activities, War Memorial Rose Gardens, Rose and Crown – 5000 meals later!, Senior Newsroom, Young People’s Noticeboard, Brownies Saving Hedgehogs, The Road Adoption Scheme, Weeding Group, Enviro.Vols, Sports Hub, Archaeology Group, Neighbourhood Plan, Dates for your Diary, Council & Committee Meetings
21 December 2017 A View Down the High Street, All Change at the Council, Election Time Looms Again, Church Services, Bonfire Burn 10k Tops 1000 Runners for the First Time!, Recreation Ground News, Histon & Impington Women’s Institute, HICOP, Village of The The Year, Behind the High Street Hoarding, Overgrown Hedges, Village Society, Police News, Fireworks Extravaganza 2017, Thefts from Cars and Vans, Model Railway News, Brass Band on The High Street, Santa’s Grotto, Homefield Park, First Step for New Milton Road Community Park Project, Senior Newsroom, Young People’s Noticeboard, Christmas Collections, End of WW1 Veteran Commemoration Project, Photographs of WW1 Veterans Required, Demain, Christmas Tree Chipping, Theories of Home, Council & Committee Meetings
20 September 2017 The Pyrotechnician’s Tale – Help Light Up the Village, Community Fundraising Scheme, Mental Health Wellbeing, Traffic Impact of Development, Feast 2017, Print Out Celebrates its Ruby Anniversary, Bonfire Burn 5th November, Your HI, Histon Library News, Your Parish Councillors – What do they do?, Police News, Impington Village College, Facelift for Big Ben’s Baby Brother, A Beacon of Fun Learning, Record Attendance at Open Gardens 2017, Gardening Club, Plans and Planning, Stop Press.. from your Highways Correspondent.., Archaeology Group (HIAG), Lest We Forget – Update on 2018 Commemorations, Hope Alive Tour, Strawberry 50, Faith and Football Enterprise Challenge, Finance Consultation, Histon Handmade: contemporary design and craft fair, South Road Play Area and Dogs, Village Society, Village of the Year, Parish Puzzle, Young Peoples Noticeboard, Senior Newsroom, The Music Makers, Impington Music Society, Histon Tennis Club, Dates for the Diary, Council & Committee Meetings
19 June 2017 Village of The Year, Community Fundraising Scheme, Local History Day for Infant School, New Councillor, IVC, Red Lion Pub of The Year, HIAG, Village Society News, Mental Health, Rec News, Birds, Police News, Gardener’s Word, Post Office, Village Road Adoption Scheme, New Chair and Vice Chair, Strawberry 50, Chairs Annual Report, Parish Council Accounts, Artisan Market on The Green, Running Mad, Open Studios, Pump Makeover, Moses Carter Stone at Risk?, Sunny & Breezy, Impington 5K, Parish Puzzle, Senior Newsroom, Young People’s Noticeboard, Histon & Impington Feast, Feast Festival, Dates for Your Diary
18 March 2017 Summer Activity Neighbourhood Plan, Community Fundraising Scheme, Red Lion, Loneliness, Join a Village Group, Council Tax Discount, Impington Music Society, Village Society Dates, Easter Church Services, WW1 roll of honour, Histon Handmade, Good News from the Recreation Ground, Gardeners Word, Firs House News, New Archaeology Group, Junior Youth Club, Croquet Club, Open Gardens, Priority Services Register, Thank You, Choir 2000, Mental Wellbeing Champion, Hope Alive Tour April 1st, Community Orchard, NHS, Improving services from Health and Social Care, Local shops, use them or lose them, Local Highways Initiative, Overhanging Vegetation, Police News, Parish Puzzle, Senior Newsroom, Young Peoples Noticeboard, Who are Friends of The Rec, News from King’s Meadow, Paysafe, Dates for the Diary
17 December 2016 Aspirations for 2017 …, 2016 Poppy Appeal, County Council £1m Challenge, Editor News, Christmas Services, HI People, Come and Walk with us, Dealing with Dog Dirt, A14 Upgrade, Recreation Ground News, Village Society Dates, Bumper Bonfire Burn, Fireworks Extravaganza, Special Thanks to Contractors, Gardeners Word, Christmas Tree Chipping, Santa’s Grotto, Histon Library Event, Community Orchard, Understanding Dementia, Parish Puzzle, Senior Newsroom, Young Peoples Noticeboard, Mobile Warden Scheme, Cycling is Good, Dates for your Diary, Christmas Waste Collection
16 September 2016  We live in a great place, The Cavendish School, Remember Remember the 5th of November, Ringing in Histon & Impington, Save Histon and Impington Hedgehogs, Choir 200, LHIS Baptist Church, What is The Greater Cambridge City Deal, Impington Music Society, New Histon Walk Local Group, Histon and Impington Village Society, Big Dig Success, Rec News, WW1 Commemoration, The New Pavilion, Understanding Dementia, Help with Dementia, Rec Summer Festival 2016, Community Minibus, Community Car Scheme, Pokemon Go, Splat Messy Play, Growing Up in Cambridgeshire, Young People’s Noticeboard, Village Food Festival, Useful Numbers, Council & Committee Meetings
15 June 2016  Election update,Look Out for Us Out And About!, Works at The Green, The Village Road Adoption Scheme, The Strawberry 50 Cycle Rides: A Fun Community Cycling Event, Mini/Colts Soccer at the Bridge Road Stadium, Histon and Impington’s Very First Repair Café, Saturday 18th June, Steve Wilkinson, Moses Carter Band, Festival Sunday; Something For All Villagers on The Rec, Friends Of The Rec – Summer 2016 Activities, ‘Little Steps’ Poetry Book by Carol Key, ‘Little Histon’ Comes Home, Babysitters for Hire, Thirty Years of The Hut, Histon & Impington Mental Wellbeing Week, Echoes from the Somme – 100 Years On, Indie Night Comes to the Village in a Giant Marquee, Under 11’s Art Competition, Histon & Impington Parish Council: Chair’s Report to the 2016 Annual Parish Meetings, Accounts 2015 – 2016, Big Dig Success 14/15 May 2016, What’s New at the Rec………, Council Cycleabout, Homefield Park – To Use Or Not To Use That Is The Question?, Welcome to Four New Councillors , Yesteryear 2016, Choir 2000, #Cambsnotspotter, Village Society Latest Publication: Impington Hall, Its Owners And Estates, The Histon & Impington Chronicle, Editorial Team Member Needed!, Histon FC Pre- Season Friendlies, Young People’s Noticeboard, Open Studios – Opening Up Art To You, First HI Food Festival, The Firs – A History of Its Role in our Community
14 March 2016  Your Community Needs You!, England Cricket Legend Visits, When The Fair Came to Town!, Your Thoughts on Developing Histon Methodist Church for the Community …. & the Chance to Win a £20 Gift Voucher!, Churches at Easter, Dramatic Rescue by Postie, John Dunn, Clean for The Queen for 2016, Big Dig Under Way!, Firs House & Telegraph Street Patient Participation Group, Cottenham Community Centre, Telegraph St & Firs House Patient Participation Group Present: How To Save Your Skin, Village Society Spring/Summer Programme , Join Histon Bowls Club!, We’ve Lost Our Draws, Histon & Impington Mental Health Awareness Week, What’s Going on at IVC?, Unmissable Choir 2000, Histon & Impington Library Friends Update, Histon & Impington Yardsale 2016, Council Tax Consultation, Histon Girls’ Brigade, Young People’s Noticeboard, Histon Best Selling Author, Come Along to the Day Centre, Play Bridge?, Form the Future
Baker’s Dozen December 2015 Christmas Greetings from across the Community, Modern Day Slavery, Impington Music Society, IVC Staging one of Region’s Biggest Art Shows, Highways Matters, Sad News in 2015, What do we want to do?, Stay well this winter, Don’t be on your own at Christmas, Parish Council Budget Consultation, Firs House update, Histon Beer and Cider Festival Donations, The Nativity comes to Histon High Street, Histon and Impington Sustainability Group, Histon & Impington Book Club, Church Services up to Christmas Day, Our Steve Fallon, Histon and Impington Fireworks Extravaganza 2015, A Joyful & Glorious Bonfire Burn 10K, Summer Reading Challenge, Area north of Cambridge heavily populated, Reducing the Emotional Upset, Two New Councillors Co-Opted in October, Unique Directory Builds Business, Young People’s Noticeboard, Station Stores, Christmas Lights, Winter’s Here, Don’t go on Holiday
12 September 2015 535 Ride Away in the Strawberry; Feast Week 2015; Annual Return; Histon and Impington Fireworks Extravaganza – Saturday 7th November; Histon and Impington Village Society Autumn Programme 2015; Apple Juicing – Saturday 3rd October – 10am – 3pm.; An Update from Histon Library; What is a Parish Council? What Does It Do?; Paradises in the Villages – Open Gardens Sunday June 14th; Lucy Frazer MP; 20mph’s Enough for Histon & Impington; Help To Stay Independent, Safe and Well; Lübeck Chamber Choir UK Tour; A Safer Route to School; Rocking All Over the World!; Histon Cricket Club Wrap Up a Superb 2015 Season; Save Money This Autumn with the Cambridgeshire Energy Switch; The Home Front: Cambridgeshire Commemorates; VJ Day; Mamma Mia!; Come and Play!; Histon Obstacle Course; Hidden Gems; Interview with Sophie Fletcher; Histon Chopshop Butcher with (right) attitude; Poorsland – The Village Charity; Green Bin Collection Changes This Winter; Gas Safety Week – October
11 June 2015 Too many children!; Austerity bites again; New District Councillor; Coping With Diabetes; The Memory Notes; Dogs and Mad Englishmen; Community Car Scheme; Histon & Impington Healthy Walking Group; Histon & Impington Business Network; A Community to be Proud of; Win a pair of tickets to Newmarket Nights on Friday 17th July; Travelling in Histon & Impington; Parish Council Changes; Highway Matters; Aga Cahn; The Quarterly Community Big Tidy Up Gets Even Bigger; Wild Gardeners; Histon & Impington Parish Council: Chair’s report to the 2015 Annual Parish Meetings; Accounts 2014-15; At The Heart Of The Villages; A Night At The Opera With Choir 2000; Young People’s Noticeboard; Busy Intray For Recreation Committee; Daisy Chain; Return Of The 78 RPM Big Band To The Feast; Histon & Impington – Feast Festival 2015; Apprentice Groundsman; B1049 Improvements; Local Pubs Offer A Summer Of Fun; Community Public Access Defibrillators
10 March 2015 Council Tax; Vacancy on the Parish Council – Is It For You?; Click it or miss it; IVC Art Show Success; Happy 15th Birthday Choir 2000; Community Big Tidy Up Gets Bigger; 20 mph – Plenty for Histon and Impington?; A New Club For H&I With Its Wheels Spinning In The Past; Environment Gains From Electrical Collection; Good support for ‘ Help save life’ concert; Histon and Impington WWI Veterans; International Whaling Commission; 40s Charity Ball at IVC; Friends of Histon Library; Young People’s Noticeboard; IVC Events; Why should I be interested in the Neighbourhood Plan?; PCSO Update; SCDC Local Plan: Inspection Progress; The Flaming June Half Marathon – Sunday 7th June; Credit Union Update; Brook Update; Village Café Society; Full House At The King Bill; Summer events Timetable
9 December 2014 2015; Histon Base for Child Safety Charity Opens; Join The Stop Suicide Pledge; Independent Living Fund (ILF) Closure, June 2015; Don’t Be Lonely At Christmas; Attention All DIY Enthusiasts; The Big Tidy Up Now In Its Third Year; Winter Footpath Gritting; Changes To Your Bin Collection; Neighbourhood Plan; Tennis All Year For All; New Sustainability Group; Young People’s Noticeboard; A Feast Of Fundraising (And Fun)…..; Farmers Market & Craft Fair At Impington Village College; Histon And Impington Fireworks Extravaganza; Promoting Village Pride; Dr Tony Hillier – Sculptor And University Fellow; Apprenticeship Opportunity In Histon & Impington Earn While You Learn!; New Councillor – Christine Hertoghe; St Andrews Cafe; Had A Good Read Lately?
8 September
Rain; Rain – and More Rain; Minimising the Impact of Exceptional Rain; Drainage – Who Does What?; Free Electrical Waste Collection Thursday 6th November; School Traffic at The Green; Darwin Green; Driving Through Floods; Andrea Cramp – Youth Worker; Histon Cricket Club 2014 – 15 Season Report; The Big Tidy Up – 6th/7th
September 2014; Firing Up for the Bonfire Burn; Road Gullies; Histon FC Youth Development; The Problem With Dog Mess!; Bin Your Dog Dirt – Do Your Bit!; Warhorse Rides to the Rec; Would You Like to Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg?; The Mythical Maze; Enviro.Volunteers; New Councillor – Meet Shaun Lindsay; Santa Needs Your Help!; Creepers; Roses & Shrubs; Discover Histon & Impington Community Orchard; Memory Notes; Wonderful Village Places; Credit:Unions – Here to Help You Manage Your Money
7 June
Chairman’s Annual Report; Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD); The Big Village Tidy Up; All Change At The County Council; Baby Sitting Course; Youth Questionnaire; Film Competition; Andrea Cramp; Hedges; Annual Walkabout – 2014; Neighbourhood Plan; The Butcher, The Baker And The Candlestick Maker …; Community First Responders (CFRS); Cambridgeshire Energy Switch; New Councillors; Speedwatch; Crime: Have Your Say And Do Your Bit!; Running And Cycling; Public Art; By Royal Appointment; Congratulations – Macfarlane Close Has 2 Top Class Football Rising Stars!; Hi People; Community Car Scheme; Cheers! The Good News……….
6 January
Our Future, Our Plan; Bypass Farm – A New Community Open Space?; Council Tax; Youth Committee News; Film Project – Update; Don’t Park On Footpaths; 2014: An Exciting Year For Histon & Impington; Twilight At The Museums; Safety Improvements For Station Road And The High Street Nearing Fruition; Bus Boost Funding To Help
Improve Accessibility At The Coppice; New Safer Limit North Of The Green; Do You Like Meeting And Helping People?; Choir 2000; Switch To Cheaper Energy; Our Future, Our Plan; Do Something Special…Become A Foster Carer In 2014; Recreation Ground Weekly Activities Spring 2014; Sweetness And Lights; The High Street: Change Happens;
Electrical Waste Kerbside Collection – Helping Our Community; Are You, Or Have You Ever Been A Brownie?; Homefield Park: A New Entrance Way; Memories Of Histon And Impington Project – Can You?; Recreation Ground Vacancy
5 September
To PCSO Or Not PCSO; Parish Council Changes; Gritting; Fly Posting Is Not 100% A Good Thing; Electrical Waste Kerbside Collection – Help Our Community; Keeping Drains Flowing; Overhanging Vegetation; Save The Green Belt Campaign; A New Community Open Space For The 21st Century; Lord Coe’s Special Thanks To Local Volunteer; Consultations, Consultations; Footpaths In Our Villages – Consideration For All!; New Recycling Bins For Impington; Hedging Our Bets!; New Website For The Parish Council; Recreation Ground Weekly Activities Autumn 2013; Another Bonfire Burn Up In November; A14 Changes; Cheers; The Christmas Lights; Help! World War
I Memorabilia Wanted
4 May
Farewell To Max Parish After 20 Years Service; New Council Chairman David Jenkins; Skate Park; New Youth Activities; Parish Council Finances; Would You Like To Grow Your Own Fruit And Veg?; Annual Report By Cllr Max Parish; Can You Help?; Engage In The Afternoon; Stay Independent, Safe And Well; A14 Histon To Girton; Interested In Public Art?; Anti- Social Behaviour – Could This Be You?; Or You?; Keeping The Village Tidy; Neighbourhood Watch; Police – Graffiti Update; It’s Not Over Until It’s Over; Getting The Village We Want: Developing A Plan
For Histon & Impington
3 February
110 Bus Service Faces Axe; Station; Sometimes A Little Helps; Histon And Impington Community Warden Service; Good News – Parish Part Of Council Tax Not To Increase; Shopping Service – Age UK; Histon & Impington Open Gardens – Sunday 16th June 2013; 14 Newly Qualified Babysitters Available To Start Work!; The Big Tidy Up – Update; Keeping Warm This Winter – Free Energy Efficiency Assessments; New Art At The Recreation Ground; Community First Responders; The Impington & Histon Annual Walkabout; Real Time Bus Information – Update; Santa’s Grotto; Street Lighting; Winter Gritting; Histon & Impington Parish Council Congratulates….; Groundsman Retires After 18 Years Tending Cemetery; Jubilee Film Project – What Happens Next?; Graffiti; Christmas Lights; Histon And Impington Older Persons Co-Ordinator – 2012 / 2013; Parish Council Vacancies
2 November
Our Very Own Village Hero!; News From Kings Meadows; Allotments; Overhanging Trees And Hedges; Friday 7th December 2012 – A Date For Your Diary!; Re-Live Your Favourite Jubilee Moment!; Histon & Impington Feast; Damage To Crossing Keeper’s Hut; Big Tidy Up; Council Wins Funding For Safety Improvements At Co-Op Corner; Enviro.Volunteers Action; Solar Lights Along The Busway; Toucan Crossings On The A14/B1049 Roundabout; Choir 2000 Advent Concerts; 500 More Homes?; Get Ready For Winter Gritting For 2012; A14; Aliens Are Landing; A Village Wide Neighbourhood Watch Group?; Histon Police Station Under Threat; 101; Police And Crime Commissioner Elections; A Day In The Life …. Of A Parish Office
1 July
Welcome from the Chairman; Clear It Up And Take It To The Bin; True Grit!; Save the Freedom Bus; Impington Parish Council Chairman’s Annual Report 2011 – 12; Finance Report; Histon Parish Council Annual Report 2011 – 12; Histon Village Green; Histon & Impington Jubilee 2012 Festival; Histon & Impington Olympic Event; The BIG Tidy Up!; Being a Parish Councillor; Why be a Councillor?; New for old lamps?; Farewell to Alan Eade and Mike Mason


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