Our Plan

The Parish Council is leading the development of a Neighbourhood Plan. This is a major ‘strategic’ piece of work which will deliver a ‘legal’ document which will guide the way that the village is developed in the future. Click here for a copy of the timetable.

The current idea is that the plan will comprise six sections loosely based around the Council’s committees:

  • environment
  • transport
  • recreation and leisure
  • housing and demography
  • commerce
  • the community

There will be two cross cutting themes: ‘sustainable community’ and ‘heritage’.

It is fundamental to the development of the Plan that most of the input comes from the village and that it’s not just a Parish Council exercise. Anyone who is interested and willing to contribute should please contact the clerk.

The Plan will result in a collective view of the future as expressed in a ‘vision’ statement. Click here for the current version.

Click here for the draft Economy Block