Weekend Weather Warning

We have recieived the following advice from South Cambs District Council:

Bearing in mind the severe weather warning that is in place for heavy rain across much of southern England (including South Cambridgeshire) on Saturday and Sunday, we wanted to remind you of how the Council can help some residents whose properties are at imminent risk of flooding. Depending on the amount of rain, it is however worth bearing in mind that it may be the case that drains simply cannot get water away from an area fast enough.

As mentioned on our website, we have a supply of sandbags / Floodsax that can be delivered to domestic properties that are about to flood. As you’d expect, this is primarily aimed at our most vulnerable residents. Residents requesting these sandbags / Floodsax during normal office hours should call us on 03450 450 063 or email streets@scambs.gov.uk –  If it is outside of normal office hours and an emergency then please contact our out of hours number for Environmental Health Emergency on 01253 501 055. However, please bear in mind that we have a limited supply of sandbags / Floodsax and, depending on resources, it will likely take officers some time to deliver them. This is why it is so important to make preparations before a flood risk becomes imminent.

There are more useful tips for preparing for floods in the attached recent South Cambs Magazine articles below.

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  1. In response to the email re.flooding .
    FYI. the drain on the left hand side of B1409 just after the turning to Garden Walk CB249HH is packed with detritus and the excess surface water from last weeks deluge flooded the road..

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