Supermarket, shops and library site at School Hill/High Street Histon

The Parish Council has recently been briefed by the new owner of the site and can advise that:

  • The green space currently there will be kept and will be improved
  • There is a desire to improve the look of the area
  • It is planned for retail and library provision to be retained on the site
  • There will be no significant extension of the footprint
  • The intention is for 2 floors of residential development above the retail
  • The initial proposals we have seen are largely compliant with the emerging Neighbourhood Plan for Histon & Impington
  • Parking provision will be carefully considered

Any further updates will be published on this website


5 comments on “Supermarket, shops and library site at School Hill/High Street Histon

  1. I am shocked to hear new 3 story buildings are planned for our Conservation Area. Ground Floor shops & I storey residential use might just be acceptable , although where they park their cars, plus children’s play area & pets can be accommodated would seem to be impossible !

    Have any drawings been made yet?

    Peter Garside
    1, School Hill

  2. No letters through doors no information disgusting underhanded this village is a nightmare for traffic already more flat’s that probably don’t fit in with the village more traffic this is not a village anymore people involved should be ashamed up and coming yuppies

  3. A three storey building/s on the current site would be out of keeping with other properties in the vicinity. Residential development on the two additional floors, where will the residents park? The parking for the current parade is chaotic, there are no marked parking bays and is often used by visitors to the St Andrews halls when events are taking place. Bad & illegal parking in the layby causes dangerous conditions already.

    I have heard that the new owner is Tesco, if so does this leave the door open for the current single storey store to be developed?

    • I agree with you Vicky. The new Developer owns the entire Tesco site as defined in the H&I Neighbourhood Plan. I have spoken to our Local Councillor David Jenkins who had a lot to do with drafting this Plan. This Parish Council document clearly states that a 2 story development would be approved. Ground Floor for shops & second floor for 1 & 2 bed Apartments. Parking is clearly an issue they did not consider as each Apartment would be entitled to 1 reserved place !

      There was a meeting recently between our Parish Councillors & the Developer at which he was advised to go ahead and get drawings for 2 storeys of Residential Apartments above Ground Floor Shops! They have exceeded their authority in my opinion & caused the Developer to waste his money. No one in their right mind would consider a 3 story building in our Conservation Area , but Councillor David Jenkins told me he thought this would be ok! I will consider this when he next comes up for Election.

      Please campaign against this appalling proposal.

      Peter Garside

      • Peter: the Neighbourhood Plan states that a development with a second floor would be ‘supported’. It cannot say that it would be approved. Your point about parking is well made.

        There was an informal meeting with the developer at which it shared its plans and that’s what prompted this post. I was present at that meeting. The developer was not advised to go ahead. We just noted its plans and it’s up to the developer to decide what to do next.

        The debate about two/three stories is fair. Three stories were not imagined by the Neighbourhood Plan. I think we’ve got to wait until we see the plans before we pass judgement on how appropriate they are. What’s maybe most important is how many units are being proposed.

        As you and I have discussed we are at the start of a process here and it’s good that forewarning has been given. When the planning applications go in there is ample opportunity for you and other members of the public to make comments and to register any objections.

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