Sewer Repairs – Oakington Road, Girton

Following a recent post on HI People, please see the update below taken from the May edition of the Girton News:

Residents will be aware of considerable activity relating to sewage pumping stations in the village. While the PC has had no direct notification of the issue, we have now been able to glean the following: as a result of a collapsed sewer in the region of the Oakington Road bridge it has been necessary to switch off the pumps at the nearby pumping station and at Redgate Road and Girton College. Sewage is being tankered away from two of these locations. Anglian Water is pulling out all the stops against considerable technical difficulty to locate the problem. They will then attempt a temporary by-pass of the blockage so that the pumps can resume their work. The blockage will then need to be dug out and repaired. It is not known how long any of these activities will take as the location and extent of the collapse is still unknown.

More information and regular updates can be found on the Anglian Water Website



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