Roadworks update: how we’re coping …

For some weeks now the southbound B1049 approach to the A14 roundabout has been restricted to one lane after the lights by Cambridge Road. Inevitably this has reduced the capacity of the road at that point, traffic proceeds slowly along it and there have been and continue to be tailbacks. Rather surprisingly there have been few complaints, traffic has continued to flow and there has been little impact on the High Street.

We have been confident that these works will be completed this week after which the work starts to improve the Histon crossroads. These works will ‘open out’ the junction allowing for easier and safer north south right turns and will enable the installation of latest technology traffic lights which will be resequenced to make the pedestrian phase safer.

In order to do this job as quickly as possible Impington Lane will be closed at the junction and east west traffic diverted to use New Road and Water Lane. There will be temporary lights and because these will only need to handle three roads they should increase the capacity of the junction. The downside is that traffic from the east, which of course includes Impington residents, will need to use New Road and exiting from this onto the B1049 can be a challenge, especially if you want to turn right.

In order to address this the County Council will monitor exit from the junction and implement temporary lights control if that is appropriate.

Now back to reality. Firstly the existing work on the B1049 will overrun into next week. And after that the A14 people tell us that they plan to continue working in that area (to add another lane as already planned and to widen the cycle/footpath). That sounds like continuing misery but …

Firstly: we’re into school holidays next week which always means less traffic so the road will have time to adjust; and

Secondly: we’re told that before Easter a temporary toucan crossing will be installed at Cambridge Road to enable cyclists and pedestrians to cross and use the west side of the road so that the B1049 can revert to two lanes of traffic.

But: after Easter the A14 will need to reimplement one lane of traffic but will only do this outside peak time ie after 0930.

So what now?

There will continue to be some chaos but the Parish Council, the County Council and the A14 people will monitor developments and do what they can to tweak the system where possible to make it work better.

And finally what can people who are likely to be affected by all this do?

  • Maybe change their travel patterns: different times, different routes, bike or walk instead of car.
  • Be positive. When the lights are green and it’s safe to move do so. If possible keep the traffic moving
  • Obey the rules. Don’t be selfish, traffic lights, stop lines and box junctions are there for a purpose. Please observe them.


2 comments on “Roadworks update: how we’re coping …

  1. No-one has even mentioned that 1200 IVC students all arrive and leave the college via New Road, nor addressed the issue of how IVC students will cross safely with increased volume of traffic along New Road. The pavements are narrow and the two exits from the college have large volumes of students on foot and on bikes trying to cross. I have witnessed several students experiencing “near misses” (including my own son) on a normal day as there are no official crossings in place. What can be done to ensure safety whilst we all try to get to work and school via a reduced number of roads?

    • Good points and thank you for your comment. IVC has had prior notice so I’m sure that it will be taking steps to adapt to the situation. It will be on holiday of course for the first two weeks. I’ll send a reminder for it to be wary when school restarts.

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