Pat Fleet seat

The seat on the Pat Fleet memorial site is damaged but it has not been possible to find out who is responsible for its upkeep.

As it is a health and safety issue, the Parish Council has decided it will make the seat safe with a temporary repair, but without prejudice to future maintenance.

Unfortunately we find it is impossible to weld the damaged part but local contractor Site & Maintenance (John Pollard & Son) have advised they will carry out a temporary repair free of charge, in acknowledgement of the well-loved Miss Fleet, midwife in Histon & Impington until her tragic death in 1989

Thank you John and Simon!


One comment on “Pat Fleet seat

  1. I wonder if its the Youths who regularly meet up in the Youth Shelter nearby from 10.00 pm + & stay drinking & playing music until 3.00 am + . Activity usually starts after Tesco closes & refreshment has been acquired for the duration. John & Simon kindly improved the Bus Shelter & removed the old Parish Notice Board recently, making the Youth Shelter more public.

    Until the Shelter is removed to a more obvious place & well lit , say on the Green, then it will continue to attract young people at night with all the consequences for this area.

    Perhaps the new owner of the Tesco site could be persuaded to be involved with routine maintenance of this important site in our Community , including the Pat Fleet Memorial? He should also be warned that the Youth Shelter will damage his plans for redevelopment & prevent the occupants of his planned flats from sleeping at night!

    Peter Garside

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