Council initiates broad study of Community’s recreations needs

This week the Recreation Committee at the Parish Council initiated a broad study of the Community’s recreation needs. It does so at a time when we are emerging from our Covid experience which may have changed our approach to recreation. The Council needs to understand this as it pts together a plan for the provision of recreation facilities, including the Rec, over the medium term.

The study will comprise five stages (see the picture above) and will focus on building a robust evidence base of what the Community has today and how it uses it. It will then build a picture of how recreation is expected to develop before translating that into demand for facilities and specifically the Rec.

Neil Davies, Chair of the Recreation Committtee at the Parish Council says: ‘This is an important exercise and will enable us to invest in the Rec confident that it will respond to what the Community needs. It will also help us as we work with other bodies in the Histon and Impington to bring together more choices for our residents’.

‘it’s an ambitious program with a tight timetable and we’d be delighted if people came forward to help’


5 comments on “Council initiates broad study of Community’s recreations needs

  1. It is a shame that there wasn’t more consultation before the pavilion was built at the rec.
    It seriously lacks a social element. No bar, cafe etc unlike the recs in surrounding villages.

    • Thanks for the comment. I wasn’t involved when the existing pavilion was built so I can’t comment about that. A cafe certainly seems like an attractive offering but then that’s just my own personal view.

      • Nor was i involved but I understand the logic was that the Parish Council should not be competing with the businesses in the village.

  2. I don’t see any mention of community consultation in the above chart or text. Are we going to be told what we want? Will this study impact provision planned for the Milton Road development? And what has happened to that project?


    • Your right Hooda but that’s not intentional. It’s intended to conduct this exercise in public and where possible to gather community input. Regarding Milton Road: that will be factored in when we look at how best to respond to the future needs to the community. I am not managing that project and will leve it to others to tell you about it.

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