Other positions and roles

Chairman Andy Butcher
Vice Chairman Elaine Farrell
Responsible Financial Officer Lynda Marsh
Internal Auditor Max Parish
Tree Warden(s) Pene Nudds, Elaine Farrell
Allotments Officer(s) Pene Nudds
Rural Footpaths Officer(s) Pene Nudds, Geoff Moore
Playground Inspector(s) Steve Carrington, Assistant Groundsman
County Council Highways Co-Ordinator Cedric Foster
Trustees to Poors Land Charity Max Parish, Marian Cleaver, Brian Ing
Police Panel Representative Elaine Farrell
IVC Liaison Edd Stonham
Representative to Community Minibus Brian Ing
Representative Village Warden Link Group Denis Payne, Marian Cleaver
Rep to HIAFOP Neil Davies
CAPALC Representative Denis Payne
Waste management Brian Ing
 Youth Liaison Simong Jocelyn