Your chance to speak on planning applications

We’ve got two planning applications out for comment that could make a real difference to our community.

The first is for the redevelopment of the Station Stores (Kendal Court/Anglia Fireplaces) site in Impington. This was originally registered in September, and objections were recorded from the community and a range of statutory consultees. The developers have responded by making a number of small changes, and by rejecting a number of the objections.

The application is at: – and objections are due in by Tuesday. The Parish Council will be objecting, and has asked that the final decision will be taken by SCDC’s Planning Committee.  Even if you objected before, please have a look at the revisions, and if your points still stand, do let SCDC know that. If you’re emailing your objection, please send a copy to the Parish Council on

The second is for the development of a “Retirement Village” on land owned by Hain Daniels at the end of Home Close.

The closing date for objections is February 8th – but there’s a lot to read, and four people have already registered their concerns. HIHub ( will be running the first of a couple of articles on this today (14th Jan).

The application is at:  Again, if you are emailing your response, please do let the Parish Council have a copy.


3 comments on “Your chance to speak on planning applications

  1. Re Retirement Village plan: it may not be obvious on casual viewing of this application but Home Close is to be the SOLE access point for the development after construction. Residents here & in adjacent roads are very concerned about the impact of extra vehicles etc. Please be aware of this fact.

  2. With EVERYTHING having to go up Home Close and exit on the narrow junction at The Red Lion / opposite Tesco’s, this is a very unsatisfactory proposal. The architects (or whoever) need to re-think this from scratch.

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