Work is Starting at School Hill Site

Work is starting at the School Hill site on Monday 21st September.  The first job will be the delivery of portacabins and then on the 22nd hoardings will be installed which will take approximately a week to erect and paint. Please allow for some minor delays if you are visiting the site next Monday/Tuesday by car.

The hoardings will be installed around the row of shops adjacent to Tesco resulting in a loss of parking to the rear and no access to the Youth Shelter. Click here to view plan. Access to the Tesco store will not be affected.





3 comments on “Work is Starting at School Hill Site

  1. I mentioned it at the time of the plan – but is it too late to ask them to add “pavement colour” slabs across the mouth of the carpark entrance to make motorists more aware that pedestrians are crossing.

    I cross frequently with my two small boys and it is so dangerous. Making it look like the pavement continued would give much needed priority to the vulnerable pedestrians.

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