Well done Histon & Impington!

There were those who talked it up as being some great ‘independence day’ but it seems that the residents of Histon & Impington and the businesses which serve them took a more considered view of their new freedoms.

Several of our pubs opened last weekend, those that did not have already advised when they will do so, and did so with full Covid compliance. There’s got to be a big thank you to them and their staff for doing this extra work and opening up for the community’s benefit. It cannot have been easy operating with such extra rules whilst at the same time being warm and welcoming places to visit but by all accounts they managed it.

There’s also a big thank you due to those people who visited these pubs and did so in a manner which understood their challenges and didn’t make life more difficult for their staff than it already was. Yes it is tedious to sign in and to maintain social distancing but we all know how important it is that we all follow the rules. That’s how we ensure that infection is not passed on in our community and can be tracked and quickly brought under control if for some reason it recurs.

It’s been another step in returning our community to normality but it continues to be a slow journey and we will need to continue to be patient and tolerant of the rules. In the meantime let’s make sure that we support those businesses which are opening up and remember to spend more locally.

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