Upcoming A14 Works

Tuesday 8th May- Friday 11th May

Daytime – Work on trial holes in the vicinity of Cambridge Road and alongside the mainline of the A14 between junctions 31 (Girton) – 32 (Histon) (eastbound)

Nights – Installation of traffic management barriers, and saw cutting of the carriageway.

Kier maintenance have booked a lane closure of the southbound B1049 at its junction with the A14 junction 32 (Histon). This is not A14 project work, but  is for trial holes. This is connected with the recent water leak on the A14 bridge abutment

The following road closures are in place:

Tuesday 8 May to Wednesday 9 May (two nights)

*         A14 westbound between junction 36 (Nine Mile Hill) and A428 Madingley

Tuesday 8 May (one night)

*         A14 eastbound between junction 32 (Histon) and junction 34 (Fen Ditton)

Wednesday 9 May to Thursday 10 May (two nights)

*         A428 eastbound at Madingley to eastbound A14 junction 33 (Milton)

Thursday 10 May (one night)

*         M11 northbound junction 14 (Newmarket A14)

Friday 10 May

*         A428 eastbound at Madingley to eastbound A14 junction 34 (Fen Ditton)

Works will be planned to complete activities which are closest to residents and/or noisier at the least sensitive times.

* During installation of traffic management, we will use temporary acoustic barriers next to the work.

* Tipping locations chosen taking into account distances to receptors, haulage routes and screening effects.

* Some activities will only be taking place over limited periods of the programme as works progress linearly east to west (and vice versa).

* All plant and equipment to be used on site will be modern and well maintained.

* Equipment, including vehicles, will be shut down when not in use.

* Vehicles shall not wait or idle on the public highway, at adjacent access points with their engines running.

* The team shall, as far as reasonably practicable, ensure that the noise from reversing alarms is controlled and limited through either use of a banksman or through use of white noise reversing alarms.

* All materials shall be handled, stored and used in a manner that minimises noise. This will include ensuring the efficient handling of materials to avoid  unnecessary double handling and to ensure drop heights are minimised.

* Shouting and raised voices will be kept to a minimum and no foul/offensive language shall to be used.

* Noise monitoring will be undertaken throughout the duration of the works.

* We will liaise with sensitive receptors, prior to performing particularly noisy activities. As a minimum, residents within a distance of 100m from the works will be notified.

* Site personnel to be briefed on best practicable means and locations of nearest sensitive receptors


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