Tony Hillier Statue Project

We are pleased to let you know that the Parish Council have agreed to the adoption of five of the remaining Tony Hillier sculptures,  and we are in the process of arranging to install them around the villages. This will allow us to retain these much loved sculptures in Histon and Impington, with access for everyone to continue to experience and enjoy them.

Joan Hillier decided some time ago to find homes for these sculptures, and so some of the sculptures have already gone to schools and charitable organisations in Cambridgeshire. The Parish Council recognised the affection of the community for these art works and the desire to retain some of the pieces in the villages where they were made, and so we can now confirm that the Parish Council have agreed, with support from Joan, a plan to install the following pieces around the villages:

Camel (Dromedary)

Man and Dog:

Grandfather, Grandson and Dog:


Sewing (Andy Cap):

We hope everyone will enjoy seeing the pieces in their various new locations, and we look forward to your suggestions for the final location of the “Sewing” piece.



10 comments on “Tony Hillier Statue Project

    • Spreading them out allows people to enjoy them in a different way, and will also eventually lead to an art trail through the village

  1. Perhaps the one suggested for Parlour Close / Cottenham Road would be better suited at the new school grounds. Alternatively at the new School Hill development when finished.

  2. The newly formatted junction with Cottenham Road leaves a huge verge area. Hopefully this will be grassed and a sculpture would look great there.

  3. For ‘Sewing (Andy Capp)’ suggestion, the red locator dot on the map is incorrect for the suggested location. The ‘what three words’ reference seems to be correct.

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