The Importance of Our Village Benches

Have you seen our HAPPY TO CHAT SAFELY BENCHES popping up around our village?

Histon & Impington Parish Council together with the HI COVID-19 Group have signposted some of village benches to encourage people to sit together and have a chat!  Especially in the midst of this second lock-down this could be the very time your neighbours might need someone to talk to!

On Friday morning I returned from my walk and someone who had been quite poorly offered me a coffee and I also found out at a friend had a nasty fall last week! I never knew!  I returned home to feel so much happier for spending that time on such a bleak morning.  It is so easy to be too busy and you can miss out on so much!

We have an exciting project going on the Parish Council to map out all our assets, starting with our Benches.  Do you have time to take a quick photo of your local bench and share any stories around it?  There are some benches with memorial plaques that people have donated to the village, what is the story behind them?  Also, this year a new book has been published to this humble but important village asset – My Favourite Yorkshire Bench.  What is your favourite Histon and Impington bench and why?

Please take some time and search out our sign posted benches.  Your time could make a whole lot of difference to someone’s day including your own.

Yvonne Murray, Vice Chair, Histon & Impington Parish Council


2 comments on “The Importance of Our Village Benches

  1. One of the benches is dedicated to two popular village teenagers, Paul and Danny, who lost their lives in a road accident in 1992. I remember their funeral cortège walking from the Baptist Church down Station Road to the cemetery in Glebe Way, followed by most of the village. Such a sad day.

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