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The Histon & Impington Wetspot

Just as you have accident blackspots, we have wetspots – areas where flooding is likely to happen – and Histon & Impington are on the list of Cambridgeshire wetspots. A formal study suggests that up to 262 village properties could be at risk of flooding.

Why, and what we can do about it, was the subject of an excellent talk by Parish Councillors Jean Venables and Geoff Moore as part of the Feast Week. The talk ‘Flooding in Histon and Impington’ on Thursday 8th July is now available on YouTube at youtu.be/5lx7sLRf95M

The talk covered the village Flood Risk Management Plan developed by Geoff and Jean, and encouraged residents to join our Flood Co-ordination Group, so that we would be prepared for when the next floods come.

Also covered by the talk were the areas of the village most at risk of flooding, the responsibilities of householders and landowners, and how people can protect homes from flooding.

Do watch it now on youtu.be/5lx7sLRf95M, and contact Jean or Geoff to get involved with our Flood Co-ordination Group

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