The Future of Our Community

A space of life between…

These words by Keats capture exactly one of the most vital and complex tasks now facing our community – to find a way by which young people in the two villages can be educated in the best possible environment but also where they can flourish freely in public open space.

It’s arisen because the County Council has backed out of deal to lease Bypass Farm to The Parish Council for public open space. It says it’s done so because it needs to keep its options open regarding new primary school capacity in the Community.

You can contribute to the debate on finding a solution by coming along to the meeting of Histon & Impington Parish Council at the Recreation Ground offices on Monday 20 July, starting at 7.30pm. Members of Cambridgeshire County Council have agreed to join the meeting in order to explain the options open to them and also to listen to what local people have to say. They have offered to partner with the Parish Council to develop a master plan which will address the provision of both public open space and education. Although not yet publicly stated we can expect that other provision, most significantly that of housing, will almost certainly form part of the debate.

Be there!


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  1. Both myself and husband are strongly opposed to building on the Buxhall farm site. This is a vitally needed wildlife area – I have personally seen deer and hares in this area not to mention an abundance of birds including skylarks. To build on such precious land would be absolutely heart breaking and enormously detrimental to the area. There is also the increased flood risk by covering more land with concrete along with traffic congestion and a reduction in both air quality and quality of life for those living in the environs.

    I cannot stress strongly enough how vehemently opposed we are to any plans to build on this precious land.

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