Test Pit Weekend 11th – 13th May

We have just received the following from Histon & Impington Archaeology Group:

Volunteer to help with community archaeology.

In the last two years HIAG has sampled the archaeology of Histon & Impington by excavating small test pits 1m x 1m square and up to 1.2m deep. The finds so far range from 4000-year-old Mesolithic worked flint blades, through Anglo-Saxon pottery, Roman coins and pottery, medieval and post-medieval pottery to the contents of 19th century middens.  Every artefact recovered from this archaeological record is helping us piece together the history of settlement in our villages.

Between Friday 11th and Sunday 13th May we are planning to take on 14 test pits located in gardens in the central part of the villages. These will have been started during the week by school students attending a field school run by an outreach archaeology unit of the University of Cambridge. We want to take this opportunity to literally “dig deeper” and uncover the early archaeological contexts which might shed more light on the early history and pre-history of the villages.

Could you can spare some time, even if it is only a few hours, to help with a range of optional outdoor activities? These include excavation, sieving soil to look for artefacts, washing and recording finds. If so, you will be making a valuable contribution to this community based archaeology endeavour. If you would like to get involved, then please contact us in one of the following ways:

Using the contact form on our website at hiarchaeology.wordpress.com/contact/

Email us at hisimp.archaeology.group@gmail.com

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