supporting our High Street

Following the closure of the very popular Les Ward greengrocer’s on the High Street the Parish Council has set up a working party (the Enterprise working party) to address the sustainability of businesses in the Community. Its first focus is on the High Street and it’s recently carried out a simple pilot survey to determine what, if anything, it might do to facilitate a vibrant & varied range of traders continuing to serve the needs of the local community. Click here to read the report of the survey.

There’s a general feeling that it would be appropriate to bring the local traders together and it is proposed to hold a meeting in the second half of September.

The working party has also done some brainstorming around ideas to improve the street scene. These have been on display at the library and on-line (click here for a gallery). It will progress these ideas over the next weeks.



5 comments on “supporting our High Street

  1. Flexible opening hours of businesses are always good, I love the fact the Chop Shop opens at times when you may want to think about going down there. A couple of late nights or early morning may help people who work the 9-5 get to them.

  2. These plans are utterly incredible. It’s exactly what we need, even adding local low cost housing – genius. This would make our village even more of a gem.

    • I can’t believe that coop were allowed to do their massive redevelopment last year without introducing natural light – so pleased to see this in the plan.

  3. Really like the ideas so far, especially housing over Tesco and general improved street scene. A lot more expensive, but what about a Thinking Street to slow down traffic and improve accessibility throughout the Hight Street?

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