September Full Council

Full Council was held on Monday 16th September 2019

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Items of note:

Presentation by HIYEC: A presentation was made to the Councillors by members of “Histon & Impington Youth Eco Council“ (HIYEC) who outlined their ambitions and concerns if no action was taken to address climate change. Some of the topics they covered included:

  • Wildfires and flooding
  • Changes in weather patterns such as heatwaves and flooding
  • Loss of habitat
  • Local awareness
  • Reduce litter and encourage recycling in schools/shop – crisp packet collection points
  • Meetings and participation with HI Action for Tress, Uniformed groups; South Cambridgeshire District Council
  • ‘Be brave, make good decisions for the future’
  • Carbon zero aspirations
  • Creating a safer, clean environment by reducing Carbon Dioxide
  • Planting more trees, bringing back habitat
  • Stamp out climate change for good!

The members of the Council thanked the young people for attending and helping to raise awareness.

New Parish Councillor:  there was a vacancy on the Council and we were able to fill this with the co-option onto the council of Ros Hathorn. Ros provided everyone with a brief bio and introduced herself to the members, and was duly accepted onto the Council.

The next scheduled meeting of Full Council will be held on Monday 21st October at the Recreation Community Room, New Road, Impington.  Refreshments are available from 7 p.m.


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