This Saturday several of our community’s pubs, restaurants and cafes will reopen for business albeit in a Covid compliant fashion. That’s good news and it’s another step towards the ‘new normal’ whenever and whatever that may be.

These businesses have suffered during lockdown and it will be good to see them back. If we are serious about our community returning to its pre-Covid vibrancy then we need to support them and that means giving them our custom.

However let’s recognise that these businesses must operate under Covid rules and we must respect that. We may not like the rules but they are what they are and we must not make it difficult for those who have to implement them. No doubt they find the rules onerous as well, they reduce their revenue earning potential and they’ve probably cost money to implement as well. It’s really important that we don’t just respect the rules but that we respect those who are having to implement them as well.

Saturday is the first day of this extra freedom but we don’t all have to exercise it immediately. The pubs etc will not just be open at the weekend but throughout the week as well. Let’s spread our business, visit them during the week, maybe twice!


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