Public Exhibition – Tuesday 20th November

New Community Park and Housing Project on land located at Milton Road, Impington

Tuesday 20th November

3pm – 8pm at Histon Methodist Church

The exhibition is an informal drop-in event (so no need to book in advance). The promoter and partner along with their agents will be present to answer your questions and look forward to meeting you


2 comments on “Public Exhibition – Tuesday 20th November

  1. I suggest the road past Drs Close, the Church and Percheron Close is made one way and the Lane used as the return route with traffic lights at the junction. This would allow enough room for a cycle lane and pedestrian path with enough space for cars and lorries without endangering life.

  2. I think this is possibly a sensible idea. Burgoynes Road (the road you refer to) has 4 dangerous bends and one junction. It cannot be straightened or widened. More capacity will be needed and Clay Close Lane can provide that as it has space to be improved on one side all the way along.

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