Play Areas to Remain Closed

Statement from Histon & Impington Parish Council:

‘The advice we are receiving is that it’s not yet safe to open equipped play areas (including outdoor gym) unless we can guarantee regular and effective hygiene measures (which at this time we are unable to do with our limited resources). We understand that many will be disappointed but expect that most people will understand this position. We will keep this situation under continuing review and will move quickly when it is safe and practical to reopen the play areas’.


3 comments on “Play Areas to Remain Closed

  1. I understand that the parish council has not had long to digest the guidance from central government, but over the next few days would it be possible to have a plan on how we can get the playgrounds open and a timeframe for this? Surely we can learn from other councils like Cambridge City on how to do this?

  2. I agree with the above comment. When can we expect a plan from the parish council on how the playgrounds could be open? The government advice on playgrounds came out on 26th June and sets out recommendations:
    It does recommend cleaning of high traffic areas but if the operator of the playground has less than 5 employees then the risk assessment and cleaning does not need to be documented and resources should be minimal. The guidance also says that a lot can be achieved through signage recommending best practices.

    As an inclusive community, we should be looking to address everyone’s needs, including younger members of the community, especially with the school holidays around the corner.

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