Neighbourhood Plan first draft workshop

Thanks to all those who came along to this week’s workshop. We’re pleased that there was a positive response to our ideas and welcome the suggestions for its further improvement.

For those who were unable to attend the presentation which we used to outline our proposals is available below:

It’s important that as many people as possible comment on these proposals so please respond to our survey at
Boards illustrating key components of the plan will be on display at the library for the next few weeks.


2 comments on “Neighbourhood Plan first draft workshop

  1. I missed the meeting but have read with interest the presentation, there are many topics to be addressed but obviously not all can be dealt with at once, it looks to me that you have prioritised very well. My main concern is congestion in people, housing and traffic and the damage that can be caused by it – these proposals seem to address those concerns.

    • Thank you John. There are indeed many issues. The Neighbourhood Plan cannot address all of them and even where it can we can’t do everything. All we can do is to be aware of them all and to prioritise them.

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