Neighbourhood Plan Consultation launched

Residents and Councillors have been working on the Neighbourhood Plan for the last 3 years, and it has now reached an important milestone.

The “Pre-Submission Consultation” (also known as the Regulation 14 Consultation) has just been launched, and runs from today, October 1st, to November 16th.

Once through this stage, and after reviewing (and taking on board where appropriate) comments received, the plan will go for formal inspection and then a vote by you, the community, on whether to accept it.

So this is your final chance to have a say on the plan. Read more, and see the plan itself, and have your say at the Neighbourhood Plan website


3 comments on “Neighbourhood Plan Consultation launched

  1. The Tesco Site ( page 56 ) details have been amended from the previous version, & I am pleased with the improvements. However please note the following:-

    1/ The underutilisation of the Green Space could be because the current owner/developer has had erected a fence alongside the pavement. I don’t recall any consultation on this matter!

    2/ I would support the idea of Redevelopment including a second story of 1 & 2 bedroom flats. However I understand the developer has considered including a third story of flats! This must be rejected as it would ruin the Conservation Area of our Community which includes this space.

    3/ Access to The Brook is being considered as a Community asset. In fact our Community are not responsible for its maintenance, which falls on the District Council. Can we get control back please so that it can be cleared of rubbish & silt in a professional manner each year. As High Street is now considered to be a “Flood Zone” the only way to reduce the risk of flooding is to maintain this waterway properly every year. Its too important to leave to Councils based else ware who do not have a personal interest in the safety of our Community.

    Peter Garside

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