3 comments on “Milton Road Information and Downloads

  1. The presentation was very good and informative. I enjoyed meeting the teams and discussing various points. As a resident of St Andrew’s way I have mixed feelings about the scheme but mainly positive as I do not want to be selfish or NIMBYish. My biggest concern would be the future access from the site into St Andrew’s way via the existing path from number 25 St Andrew’s way past the garages and behind my bungalow (number 21) . A better route may be a new path south of number 27 with a turn to meet up with the turning circle in St Andrew’s way.

  2. The Displays and Representatives on hand were very good. Very informative and concise. It was well attended by many in the Community who were engaged with the people at the stands etc. My only concerns are the access routes to the new sports ground but was reassured this is being looked into with improvements to public paths in particular Doctors Close. I would like to think that land owners might be able to donate a strip of land from the back of The Cambridge Lea Hospital to the new Sports ground and new houses. This could be a new country walk which would also serve the needs from Residents in Impington, where Country walks are few and far between in that part of the village.

  3. these two comments could be combined by creating the new pedestrian/cycle path from the site to the spire hospital or recreation ground

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