Local Plan Consultation

A public meeting was held on 1st December to discuss the consultation on the Local Plan. Speakers included all our District Councillors – Pippa Heylings, Steve Hunt and Martin Cahn, and Parish Councillor Geoff Moore, with Denis Payne chairing the meeting.

Pippa Heylings covered the current state of the plan – where the “First Proposals” have been made. What is unique about the plan, though, is the vast amount of background research that has been done – and is available. The plan covers Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire.

The challenges the plan has to meet include the ever changing Government guidance, but also Government regulations that do not go far enough, for example, on building standards. Furthermore, the area suffers from a limited water supply – and one that cannot be fixed simply or quickly.

The plans have been drawn up taking into account the major effect travel has on CO2 generation so concentrating development on established settlements, and where major planning applications have already been permitted (Cambridge, Cambourne, Waterbeach). As a result, out of over 900 submissions of sites as having development potential, less than 20 have currently been accepted, and none of those in and around Histon & Impington.

A number of slide packs are available online:

The Parish Council supports the decision regarding housing development around the village, given the primary care (GP) bottleneck, for which there appears to be no solution, and the recently adopted Neighbourhood Plan.

However, the proposal for Cambridge Science Park North is potentially the most significant for the village since jam factory 1873 and IVC 1939 and could bring benefits in a number of areas, as well as potential issues as well. Whilst not endorsing the proposal, the Council would not wish to see it ruled out of the Local Plan at this stage.

There was a wide ranging discussion – covering drainage, wildlife, and a range of issues raised by members of the public.

The meeting closed with District and Parish Councillors asking everyone to get involved with the Local Plan process via the planner’s quick questionnaire