Histon Road Now Open!

Histon Road is now fully reopened to traffic!

Stagecoach will be notifying customers about its plans to reintroduce bus services along the length of Histon Road in due course.

The remaining work to finish the project will be managed safely by the combination of temporary traffic lights and the final set of planned overnight closures.

A diversion route via the A14, Milton Road and Victoria Road will be in place for the final set of overnight closures.


One comment on “Histon Road Now Open!

  1. Can’t help feeling this is premature, the inward cycle lane is incomplete which now means cyclists have to join 2 way traffic in narrow lanes, for some stretches. The incomplete roadworks also require traffic light controlled alternate direction flow making travel by car in both directions frustrating. Whose idea was it to open it up before it was properly ready and why?

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