Histon & Impington Parish Council Finance Consultation – Have Your Say!

Back in December 2015,  Histon & Impington Parish Council asked for your views in a survey on how to spend money collected via Council tax. Data collected from the survey was used to guide the Council with the budgeting process for the coming years.

A lot has changed since then, so your help is needed once again!

Histon & Impington Parish Council is proud of our community and what it has achieved in the past. It has ambitions for future improvements. As requirements evolve, and County and District Councils devolve services to us, we need your guidance to provide the services you desire and deserve.

This questionnaire seeks your views on how to spend YOUR money!

To complete the questionnaire click here – closing date Monday 4th September 2017

Please use a PC/Mac or tablet to complete this, phones may not allow all of the answers to be seen.
To work out your Council Tax band click here


4 comments on “Histon & Impington Parish Council Finance Consultation – Have Your Say!

  1. Hi, is it possible to view the results of the last survey, ie what was voted for previously but also how the money was actually used? Many thanks

  2. I am very sorry but have to say that living in Histon and Impington – in particular Hereward Close has caused me nothing but distress due to escalating anti social behaviour.

    It is sad particularly because I really love everything else about the village. It is unfortunate that the actions of the minority of tenants in Hereward Close have caused the street to descend into what can only be described as a sink estate. Thank you for letting me have my say.
    Anastasia Roche

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