Histon & Impington – getting online and connected

We would like to say Thank You to Colin Myles and his daughter Anya who have done some amazing work in recycling old laptops for children without access to computers in our village schools. Whilst Colin and Anya’s work began with our local schools, it has now expanded across the UK and globally to get other people interested in recycling laptops and iPads to increase the ability for people to be able to get online.

Histon & Impington Parish Council are pleased and proud to have played a small part in supporting Colin’s initiative.  We really appreciate Colin reaching out to us.  If you, or someone you know, could benefit from getting on line at this time, please do contact us (details below) or speak to your Street Co-ordinator; we would be pleased to help if we can, and this offer is open to anyone in Histon & Impington of any age. The Parish Council have a small amount of funds to help initiatives like Colin’s, and we were so pleased he approached us with a request for funding a part of this project.  We would be happy to consider any similar request where the pandemic has you needing some help, or maybe you are working on a project which could help other people and you need some support.   Please do get in touch!

Contact Details: yvonne.murray@hisimp.net

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