Histon & Impington Dementia Support Worker

With the increasing prevalence of those living with dementia and memory loss in our village community, it has been decided to establish a new part time role of a Village Dementia Support Worker. The worker will work specifically to improve the quality of the lives of those living with dementia and memory loss in Histon and Impington  as well as those of their carers and families

The key objectives of the Village Dementia Support worker role are to:

  • Support and improve the lives of people with memory loss and dementia, and those of their carers  and families.
  • Influence change and to promote a compassionate neighbourhood response and encourage socially inclusive communities, for people with memory loss and dementia, their carers and families across Histon and Impington.
  •  Support those affected  to maintain their social contact and help  increase these  within their local community as needed.

The worker will be employed by Histon & Impington Community also known as HICOM  which is  a village welfare charity formed in 1998 which has three main areas of activity;

  • The provision and operation of Histon and Impington Community’s minibus since 1998
  • Engagement and employment of the Village Older Persons Co-ordinator and assistant to support the needs of older village residents – this initiative was established in 2011
  • Increasing awareness and understanding  of mental health wellbeing in the community

As the person appointed to the role will have a chance to develop the future shape and direction of this support worker role it provides a wonderful opportunity to support the local community and influence local services.

Further information about the role can be found on the HICOM website www.hicom.org.uk or contact Neil Davies C 232514 or email neilsdavies12@gmail.com

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