Histon & Impington Archaeology Group (HIAG) – Anglo-Saxon Swords of Cambridge

HIAG will be hosting a fantastic talk on Monday 13th November at Histon Baptist Church at 7.30pm.  It is by Dennis Sami from Oxford Archaeology East and is about The Anglo-Saxon Swords of Cambridge.

Burials with weapons of Late Roman and Early Medieval Britain have been traditionally approached as indicators of ethnicity and the distinction between “Roman” and “Germanic” people, as well as display of social status within a community or society. These views have been recently challenged offering a more nuanced interpretation. A reconsideration of the meaning, social value and symbolism of swords in the debate has been pivotal to expand our view of the post-Roman society in Britain. Thus, how can the swords documented in Cambridgeshire contribute to the discussion?

This will be a very informative and entertaining talk and there will be refreshments available afterwards and a chance to chat about all things archaeology.

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