HICovid19 weekly digest (26 Jun 20)

If it was a secret is was a badly kept one but this week the Government has announced that not only will pubs etc be allowed to open 4 Jul 20 but the social distance minimum is also to be reduced from 2 to 1 metre. There has been talk of parties to celebrate but many people on social media have suggested that that’s premature. That seems sensible. It might be more appropriate to wait until the end of July when we’ll know that there’s been no upsurge in infection.

The other national news of earlier this week was of the change of rules for ‘shielded’ people. These will be relaxed during the month. It will be good to see these people out and engaging but inevitably there’s going to be a period of anxiety for some. The HO Covid-19 Community Response helpline (01223 320420) remains open to provide support for those who need it.

  • Along with the lockdown relaxation noted above there’s been a welcome flurry of announcements from our local pubs that they will be reopening. It’s especially good to hear that the Rose & Crown will be open for lunch 4 Jul 20 given that it only changed ownership shortly before the lock down began.
  • The Boot is taking its time, of course it’s more restaurant than pub, but has advised that it intends to reopen early August.
  • It’s good to note that the Histon Barber is reopening. Many of us are overdue for a trim.
  • Stagecoach has issued another change to its timetable and the Citi 8 will run every half hour (during the day) from 28 Jul 20. Remember that face coverings are now mandatory on public transport.
  • There’s going to be a drive-in cinema at the Cambridge County Polo Club in Lode
  • The British legion on Saffron Road will be reopening 23 Jul. Fingers crossed we’ll soon be able to play snooker again.

Finally a couple of key messages to remember to keep in mind:

 Many of our traders have served us well during the lock down and those that are now returning will do us under conditions which limit their profitability. Please remember that local patronage will enable them to stay in business and spend more locally; and

 We are very fortunate in Histon & Impington in having a very low level of infection and being so well-served by our shops and services. The lock down has eased but it’s not over so please continue to follow the rules. Social distancing, albeit the minimum will be reduced, is still vitally important. It might also be useful to use a face covering if you’re inside our shops.

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