HICovid19 weekly digest (24 Jul 20)

Lockdown began 16 Mar 20, that’s four and a half months ago and nobody expected it. It’s probably fair to say that our community has fared better than most. There’s been little infection and our shops and other businesses have done what they could to enable us to carry on as close to normal as possible. However, there is a hidden cost. Lockdown’s been lonely for some, it’s added unwelcome uncertainty to some people’s lives and it’s challenged the ways in which we live together.

If you find that it’s got you down or if you know of others who fell that way please don’t keep quiet about it; talk to someone, ring a friend  or call the HICovid19 helpline on 01223 320420

Meanwhile out there in the community:

  • D:licious will be running a pizza evening next Friday, 31 Jul 20. It’s a BYO event and you’ll need to order in advance (01223 568339)
  • The Histon Country Market continues to run on Friday mornings on the Baptist Church carpark. There are home-made cakes to order.
  • There’s information about two online exercise classes viz the Midday Motivator run by BB Fit and Tina’s Fun Fitness on the HI Hub (hihub.info)
  • Some of the Histon Hornets teams have started training, suitably socially distanced of course!
  • HI Runners and the Histon Hobblers are out running but only in small groups
  • The Wednesday evening picnics for blokes in the Orchard have been a great success and will be continuing for the foreseeable future.

At the Parish Council this month it was decided to make funding available for organisations which are having difficulty because of the virus. There are criteria of course but the process is fairly simple. For more information contact the clerk on 01223 235906.

And finally: it’s splendid to see how much people are taking advantage of the open spaces in the community. There seem to be more groups on the Green than usual, the Rec and Homefield park are also getting lots of visitors. There are even families picnicking by the lake in Vision Park. That’s all good news but there is a downside so let’s all be mindful please not to leave litter. If you can’t take it home with you then please find a nearby bin and leave it there. Keep our community tidy.

Click here to download a pdf of this digest.

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