HICovid19 weekly digest (17 Jul 20)

It seems that the government finally accepted the science and has made the wearing of face coverings mandatory in shops and other enclosed quasi-retail spaces from Fri 24 Jul 20. Given its role in mitigating virus transmission it would seem sensible to follow such rules now and not to wait for another week. We know we are in a low infection zone so let’s keep it that way.

Wear your face covering now!

Meanwhile out there in the community:

  • The Phoenix trialled it’s new Covid compliant operation this week and will open to the public again Wed 22 Jul 20 from 1000 for its excellent breakfasts.
  • The St Andrew’s Centre will open for takeaways Thu 23 Jul 20 with a 15% discount for ‘coffee and cakes’ and other home made products.
  • There’s not else much left to reopen but with the news that it’s now OK for gyms it seems that the one at IVC is planning to open 27 Jul 20. The gym in Girton has said it will also reopen on that day.
  • The cricket club will play its first first X1 fixture this weekend (away). Second and third teams have to wait until 1 Aug 20.
  • There’s no news yet about Cambridge’s museums but there should be news at https://www.museums.cam.ac.uk/museum_reopening. The botanical gardens are already open.
  • The Picturehouse and Light cinemas in Cambridge talk about opening early August. The Vue hasn’t gone that far yet.
  • The Wednesday evening picnics for blokes in the Orchard have been a great success and will be continuing for the foreseeable future.

And finally: this is the 8th edition of this weekly digest and the first was published when we were still very much in the grip of lockdown. It’s amazing to see how our community has gone from that to pretty much fully open over just a couple of months. We’ve got to say a big thank you to those businesses, sports clubs and societies, the Parish Council and others which have made this possible. They have all made a contribution to making life just a little more bearable.

Click here to download a pdf of this digest.

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