HICovid19 weekly digest (10 Jul 20)

It’s not our job to set the rules but in the light of some confusion about what they are as lockdown unwinds here are four simple principles which might help, along with a link to a helpful government web-site (click here).

  • If you feel safer wearing a face covering then go ahead and do so.
  • In the open air and when you’re well separated from others a face covering is of little value.
  • If you are closer to people but don’t have any prolonged interaction, such as when you’re shopping, then we would encourage the use of a face covering because we reckon it’s you doing your bit to minimise the transmission of the virus.
  • If you are close to people for any length of time, especially indoors, then it is advisable to use a face covering. In some circumstances, such as on public transport, it is in fact compulsory.

Perhaps the most important rule though is to ‘maintain social distance’.

Meanwhile out there in the community:

  • Following last week’s big opening it’s good to have fixed dates for the reopening of the Phoenix (22 Jul 20), the Boot (10 Aug 20) and the St Andrew’s Centre (20 Jul takeaway)
  • Cricket is the latest sport to get the OK from the government and we should see play restarting 18 Jul 20 (or soon after). But it’s not straight forward so ‘watch this space’.
  • Formal exercise groups have started to appear at the Rec. Perfectly in order so maybe we’ll see a few more there and on the Green
  • Good news from the Parish Council about the play areas. These will reopen 10 Jul 20. That’s today if you’re reading this on the day that it’s published!
  • Stagecoach has announced increased capacity as it takes advantage of being able to implement 1m social distance seating instead of 2. But remember to wear a face covering!
  • Histon & Impington Bicycle Club has published maps of 96 cycle routes. Some are pleasantly short but you might need to commit a full day for some of the longer ones.

And finally: a big thank you to those people who visited the pubs last weekend and did so in a manner which understood their challenges and didn’t make life more difficult for their staff than it already was. Yes it is tedious to sign in and to maintain social distancing but we all know how important it is that we all follow the rules. That’s how we ensure that infection is not passed on in our community and can be tracked and quickly brought under control if for some reason it recurs.

Click here to download a pdf of this digest.

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