HICovid19 weekly digest (03 Jul 20)

Many of our hospitality businesses will reopen (see below) this weekend. However let’s recognise that these businesses must operate under Covid rules and we must respect that and not make it difficult for those who have to implement them. No doubt they find the rules onerous, they reduce their revenue earning potential and they’ve probably also cost money to implement. It’s really important that we don’t just respect the rules but that we respect those who are having to implement them as well.

Saturday is the first day of this extra freedom but we don’t all have to exercise it immediately. The pubs etc will not just be open at the weekend but throughout the week as well. Let’s spread our business, visit them during the week, maybe twice. Remember: spend more locally.


  • For those who do want to go out for a drink several of our pubs will be open Sat 4 Jul 20 (click here for details). And a couple of days later (Mon 6 Jul 20) both the Geographer and D:licious coffee shops will be open during the day. No doubt there will be cake.
  • Cambridge Open Studios is to be Cambridge Open Windows this year with maps to connect us with local artists. Go to openstudios.co.uk for more information.
  • Cambridgeshire libraries will start to reopen Mon 6 Jul 20. Sadly that doesn’t apply to Histon because all the books are gone. The County Council’s web-site says ‘Histon Library has closed for refurbishment, provisional offer (that means a mobile) to be confirmed in September before a new library opens in 2021’.
    • In the meantime Histon Library Friends is doing a great job to plug the gap with its BOOKCYCLE service. Click here for more information
  • If you’ve really got to go abroad for a vacation Ryanair is now operating over 1000 daily flights (including many from Stansted). No doubt it claims to be offering low fares as well
  • There seemed to be bad news about the Histon Beauty Salon but it’s just been announced that it will reopen as Estelle’s Make-Up & Beauty and will open when it’s able.
  • Although cinemas may reopen it seems that local film buffs must wait a few more weeks until Cambridge’s three cinemas will reopen.

And finally: If you go down to the woods today … well not exactly the woods but the H&I Community Orchard … you’ll find a bunch of blokes just chatting about whatever it is that blokes chat about. Sometimes you just need half an hour or so out of the house and away from the kids so come along and join in. Wednesday evenings 1800-2100 and it’s socially distanced of course. Bring your own beverage.

Click here to download a pdf of this digest.

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