HICovid19 digest (7 Dec 20)

If there’s one thing we should have learnt by now it’s that this pandemic won’t be over until it’s over and no matter how we look at the stats and how positive the news about vaccines is there’s still a way to go.

Nationally the numbers look better but not dramatically so, locally Cambridge City appears to have got its numbers down and South Cambs remains down but Histon & Impington is again exemplifying the statistical problem of a small sample over a limited period of time. The cumulative number of infections over 7 days hit a peak of 25 and has been as low as 5 but is now back up at 14..

When the recent tiers were set there was talk of a mid-December review. That idea seems to have gone walkabout so it looks like we’ll be stuck in tier 2 until 2021 despite the improvement in Cambridge.

Our community appears to be managing fine. Our pubs and restaurants are offering indoor and outdoor eating opportunities where this is possible although on cold days with no sunshine alfresco dining seems a bit of a stretch. A big thank you to those who have braved the cold.

It’s the hidden impact of Covid though that’s the concern. Most of us are getting a little fed-up, maybe even depressed, but we need to recognise that that’s not the same as depression. That’s a clinical condition and needs expert help, the former we can all help with either by simply getting out and chatting with people or making the effort to talk to those who seem a little glum. So please, everyone, talk to your neighbour!

There’s lots happening in the run-up to Xmas but the appearance of the miniatures atop our letter boxes etc is a delightful surprise. Soon after they went up we had the all day rain on Thursday but they came through and are still there to delight us. Thank you to those responsible.

The HICovid19 response team continues to meet weekly and the network of street coordinators is alert. However there seems to be little demand for any special support which is a good indicator of how resilient our community is. Well done and thank you to all of you who continue to provide support to family, friends and neighbours.

If anyone does need any help for any reason they should contact their street co-ordinator or call the HICOVID19 helpline on 01223 320420.

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