HICovid19 digest (31 Jan 21)

Our infection rate stays stubbornly high and they’ve been back up to 80 again. That’s 80 new infections recorded in a 7 day period. Today the latest number is 54 for the 7 days up until 25 Jan 21. And from what we understand that’s largely north of the A14.

The current rate is 446.6 per 10 thousand people and is well above the national average. South Cambs is at 208.7 and we are the only ward with such a high number.

These are not numbers with which we can be comfortable bearing in mind that last summer we never recorded more that 3 new infections in a 7 day period.

We’ve had some reassurance from Public Health that what we are seeing does not constitute an outbreak but relates to just two very local spikes which might be expected to pass through the system in time. We also note that in the last week no new infections have been reported from any of our schools, neither north nor south of the A14.

However this is not a time to be complacent and we would encourage everyone to regard the COVID rules as a minimum. We should not simply regard them as guidelines which we might interpret to maximise our own personal freedoms. There ‘s been a relevant article in the weekend’s papers which is worth reading. Go to http://bit.ly/3j66mfl to take a look.

Fortunately the vaccine news is good and we understand that Firs House is now ahead of the curve in vaccinating the top 4 priority groups. They are active in Over and Milton and after the challenges of the first day very efficient operations now seem to be in place. Well done! But: if you’ve had your jab please continue to observe COVID rules. You may still transmit the virus.

Our high street is continuing to serve us well and you’ve got to be impressed by the way that it is operating. The shops are of course complemented by the fish van that operates from the Barley Mow carpark on Wednesdays. And it’s good to see the Red Lion in business selling pizzas at the weekend to complement the other takeaways in the community. We thank all of you for your contributions to making our lives bearable. In return let’s please be rigorous in observing COVID rules within the stores, at the takeaways and when we’re queueing for access to them

Times are still tough but we’re starting to emerge from the winter, we’ve had a couple of warmer days and there’s a little more daylight, and the bigger picture of vaccine approvals and worldwide infections is positive. But we’ve got to be patient and to observe the rules for just a little longer.

The COVID response team continues to be active and the data which it is collecting and the input which it’s getting from the street coordinator network reinforces the messages from Public Health noted above. If anyone does need any help for any reason they should contact their street co-ordinator or call the HICOVID19 helpline on 01223 320420.

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    • Some of Impington is south of the A14.

      The figures are also for Histon, Impington and Orchard Park ward, which obviously extends south of the A14

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