HICovid19 digest (24 Aug 20)

We started these digests because we perceived a need to inform the community about progress being made to move out of complete lockdown towards something like normality. We’ve come a long way in last the 3 months and it’s worth noting:

  • The level of infection in South Cambs is about a half of the national average and in recent weeks no new infections have been reported in Histon & Impington;
  • Just about every consumer facing business on the high street and elsewhere is open again for business with full Covid compliant processes in place; and
  • The community-wide support network, the helpline and the associated processes have all been stood down (but remain ready to be reactivated if necessary).

That’s all good news but let’s remember that Covid is still with us, that there are flare-ups of infection across the country and that our shops, pubs etc only survive if they are doing business. It’s important therefore that we:

  • Continue to exercise good Covid compliant behaviour. We need to recognise that our infection rate is low because we do this. Just because it is low is not a reason to stop; and
  • Use our local businesses and to support their Covid compliant behaviour. They need our business but they also need us to be tolerant of the measures which they have put into place to keep us safe.

The working assumption at present is that there will be a ‘second wave’ over the winter and that this will be addressed by ‘local outbreak management’. We need to do everything we can to minimise any second wave in H&I and thereby avoid the need for any tightening of Covid rules.

The quarantine rules effecting people returning from vacations are intended to be followed rigorously. So if they apply to you please support the community by observing them. And if you know anyone who is quarantining give them your support. They can’t get out so maybe a little help with shopping would be well received.

And meanwhile with more local news:

  • The Rec is open for business. Individuals and small groups are welcome to use it for exercise as long as they don’t get in the way of more organised activity
  • The cinemas in Cambridge are now open (but still no news about most of the museums)
  • The Salvation Army Care & Share Shop plans to reopen 1 Sep 20. Camtrust is also planning to reopen in September.
  • Our schools will be reopening for the autumn term Thu 3 Sep 20.

Click here to download a pdf of this digest.

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