HICovid19 digest (21 Sep 20)

That’s about as good as it gets for now but there’s no reason why it should get worse ..

You’d be forgiven for being confused by all the news of second waves and local lockdowns. But rest assured the ‘second wave’ was expected and the local lockdowns are responding to local situations and are not needed here. We can expect more local lockdowns as needs develop and there may be more national rules for us to follow but they are unlikely to have a significant effect on Histon & Impington.

Infection rates have risen a little in South Cambs (click here) but are way below the national average which is itself below the level to trigger a local lockdown. There appears to be a ‘hotspot’ in  Fulbourn. The situation in Cambridge which has an impact on us is similar and in both South Cambs and the City there seems to have been a local peak in the two weeks end of August/beginning of September. Last week was better. There has been only one death across the two districts in the last 3 months.

The upshot of this is that if we (and our fellows elsewhere in South Cambs and the City) continue to practice good Covid compliant behaviour we can continue to live as we have over the summer being active, shopping locally and enjoying the what’s on offer at our cafes, pubs and restaurants.

So please remember: hands, face and place. Wash your hands, wear a face covering and observe social distancing. And just because you’ve washed your hands it doesn’t mean that you’re OK not to wear a face covering. Always have one with you and wear it whenever it’s appropriate and more

Specifically this means do your bit and be visible in so doing. And lend your support to our local businesses which all doing a little bit extra to help the community. If you’ve been in the habit of visiting one why not treat yourself and visit another one as well!

And finally:

For those who are still struggling to get delivery slots set up with the supermarkets Age UK is a part of a scheme helping people to get a supermarket delivery, a food box or support from a local voluntary organisation. Anyone who needs help should contact Age UK on 0800 169 6565 or read its shopping guidance.

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