HICovid19 digest (21 Nov 20)

Exceptionally the Parish Council posted a statement on its web-site on Monday which began:

‘Residents of Histon & Impington (including King’s Meadow) and Orchard Park may be aware that the rate of infection in our community (as reported on https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/) has risen in recent days. In South Cambs it has almost doubled and our rate locally is double that in South Cambs. However both rates are still below the national average.’

Little has changed in the few days since then. The rate in Histon & Impington and Orchard Park has not risen further, in fact it’s registered a modest decline, but it is in the nature of these statistics that little can be learned over short periods of time and we are still at double the level of South Cambs as a whole So all we can say is that there’s no reason to worry unduly but there’s no reason for complacency either. A look over the border at rates in wards with lots of students is enough to remind us of that.

IVC has chosen to close its 6th form (aka Impington International College) again following a rise in the number of students self-isolating and studying from home along with increased staff absences. This is a sensible decision and was supported by Public Health England and the local authority.

Our community appears to be taking this second lockdown seriously with people generally showing excellent compliance with social distancing rules when out and about and with face coverings being worn in shops and, increasingly, in the street. Such behaviour makes us all confident that, provided that we do likewise, we will get through this period successfully.

The HI Covid19 response team is continuing to meet and the street coordinator network is 100% active. Feedback from this and from the helpline (01223 320420) is that people are coping just nicely thank you very much. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.

Thank you again to those shops that are open and especially to the people who are working in them. Knowing that it is easy and straightforward to shop for essentials locally goes a long way to making this lockdown bearable.

If anyone does need any help for any reason they should contact their street co-ordinator or call the HICOVID19 helpline on 01223 320420.

Click here for a pdf of this digest.

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