HICovid19 digest (2 Apr 21)

Our infection rate as measured by the number of new infections recorded over a seven day period continues to be low but we are still seeing a new infection being reported on most days. For the seven days to 27 Mar 21 it was back up to 5 again having been down below 3 on previous days. Statisticians and public health professionals will no doubt assure us that this sort of fluctuation is nothing to worry about but the continuing drip drip must remind us that we need to remain cautious and to follow the rules.

Schools have now broken up for the Easter holidays and it’s good news that they have not been enablers of increased transmission of infection.

Mid-week there was a reminder that warmer weather is on the way but we’re back to a decidedly chilly Easter weekend. However as long as we wrap up warm there are opportunities for leisure activity:

  • At National Trust properties. Anglesey Abbey, Wicken Fen, Wimpole etc are all open but for some you need to book a slot. Their web-sites carry useful information.
  • Cambridge’s museums are all closed but remember that Cambridge itself is one big outdoor museum and at the moment there are no tourists to share it with

12 Apr 21 will see much more activity and it’s great to hear that our pubs, restaurants and cafes are planning to reopen for outdoor service and that non-essential shops will also be open for business. Gyms will also be reopening. The Parish Council want to support this as much as possible and is keen to hear from these businesses with ideas about how it might help. Please contact Yvonne Murray at the Parish Council on 01223 237173.

In the meantime perhaps we’re all excited to see the hoardings coming down at the School Hill development and to note that the end unit looks as though it’s been designed to allow it to be fitted out as a café. And come May it’ll be good to see the Indian Ocean back as a restaurant.

The Covid19 response team continues to monitor the data which it’s getting and this indicates that our community is coping rather well, we’re looking after each other and demand for exceptional help and support appears to be minimal. However it is aware that problems might be hidden and encourages us all to stay alert and look out for each other.

If anyone does need any help for any reason they should contact their street co-ordinator or call the HICOVID19 helpline on 01223 320420.

Click here for a pdf of this digest.

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