HICovid19 digest (19 Mar 21)

After a few days in the white zone our infection rate has crept up again first to 3 and then yesterday to 4. That’s not in itself a problem because at those levels the indicator is very sensitive with just one new infection every day or so. But it does mean that a sequence of one infection days can give the impression that it’s getting bad again. We’re a long way away from where we were at the beginning of the year.

Schools have been back for two weeks and so far there’s no news of any infections at our local schools. Fingers crossed that it stays that way until half term which is just two weeks away.

However this good news notwithstanding it’s important to recognise that we are still in the very early days of relaxing the lock down and there are still rules to follow. Tempting though it might be please do not second guess them. The basics of hands, face and space should continue to be observed.

Although many of us have already had our first jabs, and some have just had their second, now is not the time to be bold. Because controlling infection is not just about individual protection but also about minimising transmission we should continue to observe basics like:

  • Only meet in groups of two. You can go as far as sitting down and having a coffee together but it’s still just two until 29 Mar 21 at the earliest.
  • Shop alone. Don’t go in pairs (or more) to the supermarket, that just increases the risk of transmission. Remember it’s not just about you but others as well.
  • Don’t meet up indoors. That seems to be a freedom that we must forego for some time yet. The guidance talks of 17 May 21 (subject to review).

The Parish Council is considering what it might do to support our High Street and other businesses as they emerge from lockdown. It’s keen to hear from them with ideas about how it might help. Please contact the Parish Council on 01223 237173.

The Covid19 response team continues to monitor the data which it’s getting and this indicates that our community is coping rather well, we’re looking after each other and demand for exceptional help and support appears to be minimal. However it is aware that problems might be hidden and encourages us all to stay alert and look out for each other.

If anyone does need any help for any reason they should contact their street co-ordinator or call the HICOVID19 helpline on 01223 320420.

Click here for a pdf of this digest.

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