HICovid19 digest (07 Sep 20)

It’s too soon to start moaning!

As we approach 6 months from the start of lockdown you’d be forgiven for thinking we should have been out of this by now. But if you watch the news and hear what’s going on in places with suddenly higher infection rates and note that even locally we’re seeing infections which are the first for some time you’ve got to recognise that those who said there’d be a second wave were right.

Just this week we’re seeing minor outbreaks in Fulbourn and Central & West Cambridge. Click here to access the map that provides this data.

We’re still OK here but the flare-ups just seen in Fulbourn etc are happening all over and we must be vigilant if we’re going to avoid one here. Now is not the time to moan about the Covid compliance measures which have been implemented by our excellent local businesses to enable them to safely serve us.

Please remember: hands, face and place. Wash your hands, wear a face covering and observe social distancing.

And specifically please:

  • Continue to exercise good Covid compliant behaviour. We need to recognise that our infection rate is low because we do this. Just because it is low is not a reason to stop; and
  • Use our local businesses and support their Covid compliant behaviour. They need our business but they also need us to be tolerant of the measures which they have put into place to keep us safe.

We are approaching the flu season and the NHS recommends that we all get flu jabs this year. It’ll reduce demand on it and it might just help in the fight against Covid. Firs House is not ready yet but you can already book jabs at the Well pharmacies in the community.

And meanwhile with more local news:

  • The café at the St Andrew’s Centre will be back as a café from Mon 7 Sep 20. Many thanks to it for the take away service it’s been offering and for the tables it’s put out behind the bus stop on the other side of the road.
  • The first of Cambridge’s museums will reopen: the Sedgwick on 24 Sep 20
  • Histon FC has played its first games with a series of pre-season friendlies including a 13-0 win. That doesn’t sound like it was very friendly.

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