Good housekeeping at the Peace Memorial

For some reason people seem to refer to the monument at the coming together of Water Lane and Station Road as the ‘war memorial’ but in fact it was built with public subscription as a ‘peace memorial’ in 1920. It was financed by subscription and the process which lead to its unveiling was a fine example of co-operation between the two parish councils of Histon and Impington and of local democracy in the years after the war of 1914-18. Click here to read the report on the process as presented by the Chairman of the Memorial Committee, Mr WF Robinson, to the joint parish councils of Histon and Impington, 6 Dec 20.

If you pass the Peace Memorial today you’ll see it enclosed by scaffolding. Don’t worry; there are no plans to change it. It’s just a regular spring clean and the scaffolding will soon be removed.

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