Full Council meeting Monday 18th January 2021

A Full Council meeting was held via Zoom on Monday 18th January 2021

Items of note:

  • Connections Bus Project: An update was received from the Connections Bus Project. Despite lockdown, they are still finding ways to engage with young people, including being able to successfully transfer their planned babysitting course online to Zoom,  and going out into the village to see how our young people  are doing.
  • Precept setting for 2021/2022: Each of the Parish Council committees had submitted budget requests for the forthcoming financial year to the Finance and Assets committee.  After approval of these, a recommendation was made to Full Council to request the precept for 2021-2022 from South Cambridgeshire District Council to increase by 2%. This took into consideration the impact of Covid-19 on income and expenditure and equates to an approximate increase of £2 per year for a Band D property.

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