Fabulous new seating in Manor Park Field

Manor Field is a unique area of natural grassland which has been left as a large open undisturbed area. It has for many years been popular with walkers en route to Girton or the nearby woods, for exercising dogs or visiting the fantastic Community Orchard which is located in one corner.

Anyone visiting the area recently may have noticed a smart new circular bench wooden bench near the vehicular gate to the orchard. It’s not only a peaceful place for passersby to pause and savour their surroundings, but this splendid bench is also providing protection for a young oak tree.  A second bench will soon be installed around another young oak tree at the opposite end of the hedge arc, near the pedestrian entrance to the orchard.

This new benches have been supplied by the Parish Council as part of a project announced by the Environment Committee at the Village Feast in 2019.  The trees, stakes and ties were donated by Pene Nudds and Dan Mace and kindly planted by the enviro.volunteers.

Positive comments are now appearing on HI People about this new addition and the second bench is eagerly awaited.

It will be wonderful for everyone to see these Oaks grow and further change the look and feel of this invaluable open space in our village.  I hope someone updates this post in 10 years with a quite different photograph.  Please be sure to visit soon!

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