Environment Committee Meeting May 2018

The Council’s Environment Committee met on 29 May with a largely procedural agenda at the start of the new 4 year life of Council.  Draft minutes can be seen here

Highlights of the meeting include:

Chair and Deputy Chair

The Committee was delighted that new Councillor Marcus Romer accepted the challenge of taking on the Chairmanship for 2018 – 19.   Councillor Pene Nudds was elected as Deputy Chair and looked forward to working with Marcus in bringing him up to speed with the wide ranging remit and plans of the Committee.

Management Plan

Members reviewed a working document produced following a series of workshops in the first half of 2018.  The plan was adopted and work will now commence on costing the projects and management plans in order to form a 5 year plan to take them forward.  The Committee has plans to share some of these ideas with residents at the Feast Market on 7 July

Article Photo: Cllr Marcus Romer, Chair Environment Committee

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