Emerging from lockdown

The government has said (relevant article at https://bit.ly/2YuX6sN) that ‘people with underlying health issues who are most at risk from Covid-19 will no longer have to shut themselves away in their home and can mix with other people from 6 July’. That’s good news but we need to recognise that after such a long period of self-isolation people will be apprehensive. However we should all note that the level of infection in Cambridgeshire is very low, no new cases have been reported for several days, so that people can be confident in exercising such freedom.

Furthermore it seems that there will be a stepwise reduction in the material support given to currently shielded people and that from 1 August those who have been shielding from the virus will receive only local authority and voluntary help and can return to their jobs provided that their workplaces are secure. This will be a further source of worry and it’s important that such people can access support locally if they need it.

It appears that the infection risk of Covid-19 is largely behind us but people may need other forms of support as the lockdown unwinds. The HI Covid-19 community response hotline (01223 320420) is still open so people should please call if they need help. And if anyone is aware of others in a similar situation they should please be referred either to the local street coordinator or to the same helpline

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